Surprisingly, not many people in designer employment are aware of the benefits of using a graphic design credit line for their graphic design projects. As you are designing projects for your clients, it is a great idea to ask if you can include one or two lines as a credit line for yourself.

This graphic design line of credit will tell anyone who is interested that you designed the current graphics page that the person is viewing. If you are not entirely convinced that a design credit line is right for you, read more to find out the benefits of using it for graphic design projects.

Instant Exposure

So in the same way someone would write an article and promote their services using a graphic design credit line, a graphic designer should consider using a credit line. This is a valuable tool to include in the graphics or pages you have created. The main benefit of using a credit line for graphic designer is the amount of instant exposure it gives you.

Consider for example that a credit line will be one of the last things that people read or see on a website. Therefore, if you include information about yourself, then potential clients are able to see how they can get in contact with you if they want similar work completed. Thus if your designer employment project is shown on websites that receive a lot of traffic, then half of the work to advertise and spread information about your skills is already done for you. It is just a matter of including the credit line at the end with a suitable way for people to contact you.

Generate New Business

Including a credit line is not hard. It is just a matter of politely requesting anyone who has hired you as a graphic designer if you can include a graphic design byline. The one thing a design credit line does is increase visitors to your website and the skills you have to offer, but it can also be used to generate new business. Someone who sees your work on another website or on your own website may be compelled to have a similar project completed for themselves.

Receive Referrals

Many graphic designers now understand about the amount of clients influenced by word of mouth advertising. Therefore, you can ask your last client or a client you are currently with for a referral to their friends or family.

When this is done in a professional manner, there is nothing that a client can object to. If your current client is unable to give referrals, you will have a stronger case for using a graphic design credit line to receive new customers to your business. Thus a designing credit line is also a great way to receive referrals from a current designer employment project as the person is able to see your design work firsthand.


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