While a degree in human resource is deemed necessary to take up one of the many available career options for a human resources graduate, these jobs ask a lot from you, a few things which are not taught in these courses. Education, of course prepares you for the job but you need good communication, interpersonal and computer skills. All these will help you perform better in your HR job.

When you plan to take up a course in human resource management it is obvious that you are aware of what sort of duties you will have working in HR jobs. The field is vast and can offer immense career opportunities to all, as a human resources graduate you can see your career take different shapes and sizes depending on the role you get into and the duties you handle.

At the beginning of their career human resources graduate can expect to get into roles of recruiters, interviewers, coordinators and specialists. Here you will be performing duties related to finding prospecting candidates using different sources and placing them into the most appropriate roles suitable to their education and skill set.

In big companies generally you will see that the HR department has sub departments under it like benefits and compensation, training and labour relation management, though it is not mandatory for all companies to have HR people to do jobs under these departments. Like in some companies accounts department handles the benefits and compensation part while some companies have dedicated training department for imparting to the new employees.

However, if at all you find yourself working in any of these departments you can find yourself in roles of assistance plan managers, benefit managers or specialists, compensation managers, job analysts, development specialists, training managers, development managers, mediators, labor relations managers and arbitrators. Besides being a human resources graduate you will also need additional skills to get into the above mentioned roles.

Sometimes getting into new roles for a human resources graduate would mean lot of training and learning, so prepare for the hard work if you really want to be there.


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