The success in a job search lies in your capability of seeing opportunities where others see obstacles. It is normal for everyone to see obstacles than seeing opportunities. This is the common mistake made by everyone. The success can only come to you if you are capable enough to differentiate between what is an obstacle and what is an opportunity. The most successful persons in the industry have always understood the difference and thus look at the situation and handled it. And this is the reason that they are at the position where you one day wish to be.

A Harrison Barnes says that if you want to reach to the position of successful people then you have to learn to see opportunities where others see obstacles i.e. see the glass half-full rather than half-empty. This is the only key to success for both your career and your life. You have to be different to be different from others. Same thing you need to apply at your job search. You have to look for jobs at places where you are definitely getting success.

In order to have different sight from others you don’t have to have a high educational qualification. In fact most of the successful people do not even come from good schools. Your education at a good school doesn’t make the difference of seeing what others cannot. It is the capability that comes from within. You need to understand your strengths and capabilities and make the best use of it. This will enable you to create the difference of what you are and what others are believes A Harrison Barnes.

These things are not taught to anyone at schools or universities. This means the schools you went to does not matter at all, in fact what matters are the capability and the strength that you possess. The way you look at things. It is this capability that you need to develop yourself. This will help you to be positive and successfully move ahead in your career and in your life.

You need to learn with your experiences and even try to gain knowledge on how to overcome on some basic things that differentiate you from the people coming from good schools. You need to work exceptionally hard on your personality and other methods that will help you sharpen your skills. If required, A Harrison Barnes recommends you to read books that will teach you how to increase business and other places where you lack. This will be a great help for you to improve yourself and stand at the position where you are willing to be. You just need to work harder than what others do. This will create a difference between you and others.

A Harrison Barnes says that you should always remember that every obstacle is a reflection of the unresolved emotional conflict comprehended by your subconscious. The fear of change, lack of esteem, misconception of the value of your skills, the doubts on your capabilities, anger on your inabilities to perform are the conflicts that continue in your subconscious state of mind. You have to understand forgetting the subconscious mind that every obstacle is an opportunity that you need to grab to move ahead in your career and in your future life. So gain knowledge from your experience and what others have to teach you and improve at the places that you feel you lack. Once you are groomed use your strengths and those skills to the best and prove it to yourself that you are capable of getting a better position in life. Prove that you can be as successful as others are at their work.

The employers are very happy to see employers who are ready to learn more and participate in taking more responsibilities. They prefer employees who have participated in something extraordinary or have volunteered in something quality thing or even have taken training in some other special field which will benefit the company. A Harrison Barnes says that the employers understand seeing these employees that they are ready to do anything to move ahead.

You just need to know what it takes to be successful and if you can put in the hard work, the dedication and have that determination then you can surely get success. Always remember that hard work surely pays some day or the other. You need to have patience and be focused. You cannot allow to get distracted in any way. You will face many troubles in the way but no matter what comes in your path fight it and take a step forward.


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