A recent report suggests nearly fifty percent of human resources managers around the country are having difficulties filling certain positions.  Not only that, but nearly a quarter of employers are saying they have many applicants, but for any number of reasons, can’t fill the open positions they have, says A. Harrison Barnes, career coach and EmploymentCrossing.com founder.   It’s believed one of the sectors  that struggles the most these days is the healthcare field.  This is likely due to the number of trained personnel in comparison to the need for jobs.

Those skilled labors such as carpentry, HVAC and insulation installation, are also suffering, says Barnes.  These have proven to be the most difficult positions to fill thus far.  This might be explained by the temporary status of these positions and the difficulties workers have filing new unemployment claims.  For many, it’s easier to continue to receive their unemployment wages versus going through the application and approval process for a job that will only several weeks or months.  “People have grown weary with the job search as a whole”, says A. Harrison Barnes.  They’re frustrated and despite the sometimes-promising numbers out of Washington D.C., there remains little faith in a recovering economy.  Many of these employees don’t qualify for apprenticeships because they’re already considered highly trained.

Another field that’s taken a hard hit is the automotive sector.  The Center for Automotive Research released a report earlier this year that says up to 15,000 new jobs could come available before the year’s up.  Those automakers that successfully came out of the reconstruction periods will once again be looking to hire workers.  The problem is, many of those trained autoworkers left the area, specifically Detroit, in search of new job opportunities.  The hope is that they’ll return, but as the EmploymentCrossing.com founder says, it could prove to be an expensive venture to uproot a family once again to relocate to the area so many left with bitter disappointment two years ago.

As mentioned, the health care sector continues to need qualified professionals.  One LPN in the southern U.S. reports being approached by some of the region’s most prestigious hospitals with offers of impressive salaries and complete tuition paid for her to obtain registered nurse status.  This trend is likely to continue for at least the next several years.  As A. Harrison Barnes explains, “The combination of the baby boomer generation that will begin to reach the age of 65, along with the rapid advances in the medical field as a whole is now resulting in many job openings”.

If automobile sales are on the way back up and the economy as a whole attempting to rebuild consumer trust, there’s a need for customer service personnel – and fast!  These are great opportunities for people who either don’t possess a college degree or who are in the process of completing college.  There’s always room for advancement and with a commitment to serve a company’s customers, you just might be in big demand.

These are just a few of the many promising jobs on the horizon.  Be sure to visit EmploymentCrossing.com for more information on jobs in these – and many more – fields.


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