The increasing competition has made a “dog eat dog world” today. Every individual is to fight for themselves. Survival is the toughest thing in today’s world but survive you must and hence put up a bold fight. It might sound a bit selfish but it indeed is the harsh reality of the retail market today. You might try to cover it up in one way or another but the harsh reality exists that all retail businesspeople do not miss out a single opportunity to take advantage of others. The selfish motives of individuals competing blindly against each other very often makes the businesses suffer in the end. The retail market is indeed having a negative impact coz of all this. Retail jobs are thus becoming tougher to keep.

In the good old times there was a strong bond of togetherness amidst the different workers of a retail chain. The owners, suppliers and employees all worked together as one unit for a common goal. However this is missing in the retail business today and all we see today is the blind race for making money. One rarely comes across businesses which tend to benefit all its stakeholders today. This is not only wrong ethically and morally but it also has a common tendency of taking the retail business down the drain.

Just consider the situation in which there would be a friendly relation between the suppliers and retail business owners. Both of them would be fair on their parts and would support each other to gain a much bigger mutual success. This would do well to both the businesses rather than a particular one without ruining the relationship or the business on a whole. This in turn would lead to huge profit inflow in the retail sector and both the employees and the employers could then be satisfied with the big profit margin.

The first thing for a good relation between all the parties is the trust factor. It can be developed between the parties by open discussions and a shared goal. Trust however does not solidify in a day and requires some time to develop. All the parties should respect their commitments and work together for the common good. If the environment is fair and square there will be a definite reduction in theft and increase in sales and productivity. Supply arrangement disputes will also be solved with ease then. Even the employees will work harder knowing that good business will let them grow more inside it. Consider a fashion retail job and imagine how profitably it would function if the cloth supplier, tailors and sellers all worked towards a common goal of making a perfect product.

Trust me working together towards a shared goal is far better than quarrelling amongst yourself for personal benefits. The business market on a whole suffers coz of the fights. If you really want your business to thrive you must ensure that all members of the team are treated fairly. They need to be made aware of the fact that a growth in business is synonymous to their personal growth. The world has indeed developed and today we have everything ranging from part time retail jobs to retail management jobs. Just maintain a fair practice and you will do justice to all the merchandising jobs.


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