The recent announcement of Miami officials to increase the number of security personnel during next week’s Super Bowl has highlighted the importance of security personnel in our country. We’ve long since accepted the realization that our way of life in America was changed on 9/11 and part of those changes include amped up security measures where many of us gather, including malls, sporting events, airports and political events. A. Harrison Barnes says the security jobs found on sites such as have reiterated the importance of these positions, both in the private and governmental sectors. The possibilities are endless and the need for qualified security personnel will always exist.

Those who are already in the security business have resigned themselves to stringent screening processes as part of the hiring process. Ten years ago, those looking for security jobs may not have had the in depth background checks that are necessary in a new world. Some of things employers are looking for:

  • The absence of a criminal record
  • Absence of bankruptcies
  • Suspicious discharges from former employers
  • Behaviors that warranted police investigations that might raise questions regarding anger management

A level of maturity is required and those most successful in these security positions, says A. Harrison Barnes, are dependable, level headed and fair. Because the responsibilities require a certain mindset that includes confidence, especially during emergencies, security guards must command a certain respect that gains the trust of those he’s trying to help. Egos must be checked at the door and the ability to remain calm must be present since his goal is to ensure those around him have faith in his direction. Naturally, situations such as these are rare; however, an employer will certainly be looking for those who can quickly diffuse problems when they arise.

The continued growth in this field is certain and with global events, including the 2010 Olympics, versatility is a big plus for those wishing to broaden their horizons. It’s an ideal career for many, either on a full time level or as a part time position for those wishing to supplement their current incomes. Positions usually run on a twenty four hour basis, so the opportunity exists for those looking for non-traditional working hours so that their days are free to pursue their educations or other life goals. There are other benefits to pursuing a career in security, too. Most companies will provide training and often, there are impressive benefits that come with these positions.

If you feel you have the traits for the security industry, why not see what offers?  From an expert resume team that stands ready to help you compile the perfect resume to advice from the many employment experts, including A. Harrison Barnes, to the jobs that are updated around the clock so that you’re presented only those that are current and still available, your first step the right security career is as easy as signing up. You just might find yourself with a unique invitation to next year’s big sporting event.


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