Friday February 23, 2024


The recession and record job losses have brought to the forefront what’s called ‘underemployed’ and what’s worse is these numbers are hovering near 18%. Underemployed accounts for all who have given up looking for work or those working part time due to the lack of full time positions. For these numbers to be so high […]

Latest Efforts At Sparking The Employment Sector

February began with quite a bang (and a bit of long overdue good news); first news came that unemployment had finally dropped and then President Obama announced his plans to encourage Congress to expand current lending programs for small businesses. A. Harrison Barnes, career coach for, says this is the single most effective method […]

Unemployment – Real Changes Coming?

Despite February’s unemployment number remaining unchanged, there are many reasons to believe the job outlook is finally beginning to really improve on a permanent basis. The number of unemployed people remained at nearly 15 million and even those who are long term unemployed has remained consistent over the past few months, holding steady at 6.1 […]