Friday February 23, 2024

Role of Engineering Recruitment Consultants in Shaping Careers

In the engineering world, mechanical engineer jobs would be among the most sought after. The reasons for this are both obvious and varied. Namely, these are excellent jobs that come with high earning potential, stability, and growth. Those with a strong background in engineering will certainly find it worthwhile to pursue such a position. That […]

Managing a Less Than Perfect Resume

Preparing a winning resume should form a major component of your job search. This is because a resume is the first document that will act as your introduction to a potential employer. How your resume is written will reveal a lot about you. The key to a better career is through a better resume. The […]

Looking For a Job? Be Determined and See the Glass Half-full

The success in a job search lies in your capability of seeing opportunities where others see obstacles. It is normal for everyone to see obstacles than seeing opportunities. This is the common mistake made by everyone. The success can only come to you if you are capable enough to differentiate between what is an obstacle […]

Temp Work

November 2009 saw 34,000 new jobs in the temporary work industry. Temp positions, although declining for most of 2009, are making a big difference for many out of work and with nothing on the immediate horizon. A. Harrison Barnes, career coach and founder of, says accepting temp jobs can open doors you might not […]