Friday February 23, 2024

Learning Disability: Types of Learning Disabilities

When applying for substitute teaching jobs, you are going to have a few challenges. Some of the students in your class are going to have learning disabilities, which are neurological disorders affecting the nervous system from receiving and processing information. Many children and young adults that have learning disabilities feel alienated around their peers for […]

Education Jobs – How to Succeed in Education

Education jobs top the list, but you need to know the ways and means of finding as well as keeping them. To succeed in education, you have to be sensitive and very motivated. A teaching profession is not something you stumble upon by chance. You dream about it early on and nurture a passion for […]


The recession and record job losses have brought to the forefront what’s called ‘underemployed’ and what’s worse is these numbers are hovering near 18%. Underemployed accounts for all who have given up looking for work or those working part time due to the lack of full time positions. For these numbers to be so high […]