November 2009 saw 34,000 new jobs in the temporary work industry. Temp positions, although declining for most of 2009, are making a big difference for many out of work and with nothing on the immediate horizon. A. Harrison Barnes, career coach and founder of, says accepting temp jobs can open doors you might not have considered and too, an employer who brings a temp onboard may realize that person’s skills are something the company needs on a more permanent basis. In fact, it’s not uncommon for temps to find themselves with a permanent job offer.

There are other reasons that make temp work a great alternative. Of course, it can ease a family’s financial burden to some degree, but it also allow those in the job market to test drive a company, so to speak. Temps are offered a look from the inside and what they discover will serve them well once they return to an active job search. This, of course, doesn’t mean temps should gather proprietary information, but rather, gain insight to those skills and new trends that are in big demand. A. Harrison Barnes also points out temp work is an ideal setting for networking – and you can never network too much, whether you’re gainfully employed or are searching for a new career.

Let’s face it, being out of work is depressing and can cause even the most confident people to doubt themselves and their abilities. Sitting around the house or spending all of your time in seclusion online simply isn’t a healthy option. Temp work will allow you to keep those blues at bay, not to mention bring in much-needed funds. Even if what you earn prevents you from tapping into your savings, you’ve already benefitted. And get ready; according to Bureau of Labor Stats, the trend for employers to bring on board temps will likely continue. Many companies like the structure temping provides and see it as a way of interviewing candidates for a position they need filled, but want to be sure they have the right one. It could be you’re auditioning for a permanent position and don’t even know it. In fact, there are many temp jobs listed on that are intended to become permanent full time positions once the right candidate is found.

There are many reasons companies take this approach, says Barnes. They want to keep the job opening quiet for any number of reasons, the job could require abilities that may not be normally found in a traditional interview, but could easily be seen by watching a temp perform those skills.

Next time a temporary job offer is made, you owe it to yourself and your career to at least consider the options. It could very well become a full time administrative job, teaching job or construction job. Bottom line: you don’t ever know until you try. Visit for the most current temp jobs available anywhere, polish that resume and get those cover letters ready – your new job could be waiting.


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