The hospitality business is a very competitive market and there is a lot of competition in the hotel employment. The HR of any hotel has to remain very active in choosing and keeping its employees. There are some tried and tested HR management tips for hotels which can be very useful. Choosing the right person for the right job is very essential. Think before employing anyone for hotel jobs. It is the duty of the HR manger to make sure that the person appointed does his/her job correctly and stays with the organization. Proper interviewing will help here. Hotel employment statistics show that this industry faces a high attrition ratio. There are some checkpoints which will help to solve this problem as well. After employing a candidate see if he is happy and satisfied with what he is doing. Proper training should be provided for efficient output. Performance reviews and incentive programs work like booster doses for hotel employment staff. Follow up on the employee’s and make the hotel experience better for both employees and customers. To retain good employees it is important that they are satisfied with the organisation.

Positive reinforcement
Another important tip which the HR department in hotels should follow is maintaining a friendly environment with the employees so that better work can be done. If the employees are treated at the same level they will feel respected and feel an obligation towards the organisation to perform well. After all hotel jobs are person oriented and require certain level of humanity. A clear cut progression plan laid by the HR department is another way to get good hotel employment and employees will work towards promotion and in position and rank.

Other general suggestions
The best tip for the HR department of any hotel should be, is to be an example for the entire staff of the hotel. If the performance is poor, the work quality of the rest of the staff will deteriorate too. Encourage the staff members for a better performance and promotion. If one department is performing well and is being rewarded for the same the others will also want to complete for such rewards. This creates an atmosphere of inter department healthy competition and gives good work results too.


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