An ethics attorney is the key person responsible for performing functions like admitting or restating the State bar problems or handling cases regarding disciplinary charges. Ethics attorney helps to find out the ways in which the legal ethics counsel can be retained for improving future prospects, especially when you are facing circumstances like suspension of license of your legal career.

The ethics attorney, says A. Harrison Barnes the CEO of, is responsible for managing case processes. He is also entrusted with the responsibility of developing the ethical and code of conduct policies, training and programs. The most important duties involved in case management are as follows:

  • The ethics lawyers are required to analyze trends of reports, keep into account other important matters or conformity issues to the senior management.
  • Organize periodical investigations, efficient management of all the subjects related to the office of ethics and other different businesses.
  • The ethics attorney has the power to make suitable recommendations for bettering the overall control and systems.
  • The ethics lawyer is required to make metrics and documents and distribute them among the auditors, senior managers and regulators.
  • He can direct and guide ethics liaisons, regional staffs for carrying out ethics related to investigations all over the globe.
  • At times of emergencies, the ethics attorney may also undertake investigation, pronounce declaration, and keep track of the latest developments.
  • The ethics lawyer can participate actively in the implementation and enhancement of computerized case administration system.
  • He may also collaborate and coordinate with experts of respective fields such as risk, control, law and business. This is mainly done for drafting procedures and ethics policies as and when required.

A. Harrison Barnes says that certain qualification must be completed by an individual to become an ethics attorney. The competencies required are listed below:

  • The ethics lawyer must be able to work individually or coordinate with the team as and when required.
  • In this age of information and technology, an ethics attorney must be a tech savvy. He can make use of websites and directories for advertising his profession.
  • An ethics attorney must possess sharp interpersonal and communicative skills and abilities. He must be proficient enough to analyze qualitative as well as quantitative data for creating reports.
  • In order to carry out their legal jobs efficiently, the ethics lawyers are required to be highly planned and organized. Organizational skills are a must if you want to take your legal profession to new heights.
  • Do not neglect details, says A. Harrison Barnes.
  • The ethics attorney must be extremely loyal to his or her clients. He must take care and not discuss about the clients confidential details with outsiders or even with any other attorney. The lawyers must share a relationship of trust and confidence with their clients, since only then will the clients feel free to discuss their problems with the lawyer says A. Harrison Barnes. He should be discreet and extremely protective about the confidentiality of their clients.
  • Since the ethics attorneys are required to handle a wide range of activities they should be proficient in multi-tasking.
  • The lawyers are required to be extremely proficient in verbal and written communication.
  • The credibility and trust of legal organizations rest in the hands of the ethics attorney. They must be able to maintain its trustworthiness.
  • The attorneys are required to possess thorough knowledge about the corporate and global environment. A competent and professional ethics attorney with sound judgment, discretion and analytical skills can reach new heights in his or her respective legal profession.

A. Harrison Barnes the CEO of has suggested the ethics lawyers to stay away from misconduct. He says that the lawyers, if they so feel, can improve their systems in office in order to protect it from violation of rules and regulations. The ethics attorney may also advise his clients about any professional or ethical problems that he has encountered. He also acts as an expert witness in lawsuits that involves questions like professional misconduct, attorney malpractice or legal ethics. The lawyers who do not observe the codes of conduct are subjected to disciplinary actions by the Supreme Court say A. Harrison Barnes. The punishment varies according to the severity of the offence. The “Attorney Discipline” chapter describes the entire process. The punishments may vary from censure to termination of practice. In some cases the lawyers may also be expelled from the legal job permanently.


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